Our Pharmakoz Cosmetic company was established in Isparta in 2019. It carries out its activities in Turkey and abroad for the design and production of medical, cosmetics, dermocosmetic, veterinary and animal care costs with a team of experts in the field. Keeping the subject cosmetic products in the forefront in terms of health has advanced its researches in this direction and special formulas are developed for each product produced in the company by the expert team, and after our R&D work, it produces with your approval.

From the moment we were founded, we have produced products that meet the environmental demands and requirements in the best way, in accordance with national and international standards. Avoiding expectations, always doing more has been our aim. Thanks to our strong R&D infrastructure and laboratories, we have developed formulas that will make a difference in various cosmetic products that we create on new projects.

The products it produces have been the products that are loved and used in the domestic and warehouse. We are here to give you a better service, with our expert staff and hard workers to create formulas on new products and projects above the data on final results.

In addition to the products of a well-known brand in the market, we produce more than 1000 outsourced products. The products we produce have been the products that are loved and used in domestic and foreign markets. We are here to give you a better service with our expert staff and experienced employees in order to create formulas that exceed consumer expectations by working on new products and projects.