Pharmakoz, which produces at world standards, has proven that it produces in modern and hygienic conditions in its facilities by obtaining ISO 9001 and Ministry of Health GMP certificate.

Continuing its work with its experienced team, Pharmakoz meticulously implements the quality control processes that start at the input at every stage from production to shipment in order to maintain the trust of its customers and consumers.

The R&D team, which follows the trends of the products in the Cosmetics and Food Supplement group, expands its product range with the latest actives and constantly improves the existing products.

Pharmakoz, which has a wide range of products in contract manufacturing, offers its customers the freedom to develop a wide range of products and formulas thanks to its wide range of actives and herbal extracts. Thanks to its expert staff, it produces high quality products for its customers by considering the minimum cost / maximum effect scale.

Pharmakoz is your solution partner for everything you need in the field of Food Supplements, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Biocidal Products. It works with you for a low cost and fast solution. Pharmakoz Üts Department, Responsible Technical Personnel service, Making necessary analyzes for manufactured products, Making your ÜTS notifications, Licensing, Preparation of product safety evaluation reports, Obtaining Free Sales Certificate, Making European Person in Charge and CPNP records, R & D work for products, Product graphics provides design work, Label validation service, Laboratory and process consultancy services